Dprom Tex Introduction

Dprom Tex is an established organisation with decades of experience in provide the ultimate solution to our clients bring there the imagination and vision to the forefront of what we manufacture through high standards set by our team.

Our vision for our clients to deliver what we would accept as a customer by enhanced quality checks through the journey from production cycle to delivering the goods. 

Dprom Tex have adopted a quality management system (QMS), reviewing business processes truly focused on consistently meeting our client requirements and exceeding their expectations.

Our Ethical procurement Policy: Dprom Tex are committed and our social responsibility is utilizing cotton fairly traded. We continue to educate at Dprom Tex about sustainability to contribute towards making the world better together.

We aim to use AZO dyes and colours in our printing and this is heavy promoted as part of our production process. 

Environmental friendly – at Dprom Tex we look to utilize fair trade to produce the product you require as well as looking at the AZO dyes and colours to deliver high quality prints on the products we produce.

Employee safety – at Dprom Tex we take employee safety very seriously and is a core responsibility for everyone who is part of our organisation. employees of Dprom Tex have a duty to take care of their own health and safety and that of others who may be affected by their actions at work. Employees must co-operate with co-workers to help everyone meet their ethical and legal requirements.

Child Labour – we condemn child labour and carry out regular reviews within our organisation as well as our suppliers to enforce that we do not tolerate and will not do business with organisation that have anything to do with child labour.

Our Mission

Dprom Tex manufacture the best product from finest material, together we will inspire and implement solutions for your business

OUR Essence

At our core, Dprom Tex operate on providing the ultimate solution through our vision of insight, innovate and instigate


Together bringing inspiration and innovation to elevate your business with the power of promotional marketing


At Dprom Tex together we bring to life what you imagine on a daily basis reinventing what is possible

Your journey with Dprom Tex


Dprom Tex production cycle